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Cupcake (for 365)

We used to call these buns.  And then all of a sudden everything went American and people started calling them cupcakes.  But they’re buns to me.  ‘Specially when they’re topped with like-mummy-used-to-make proper buttercream. I haven’t eaten as much cake since I was four years old, over-indulged at a party and threw up in my… Continue reading Cupcake (for 365)

Photo Projects

School (For 365)

An old, disused school close to us.  It’s one of those previously glorious buildings which crop up all over the place and have an air of such sadness about them. I understand that it’s just over a hundred years’ old and has been unoccupied for several of those. Possibilities for its future are being discussed… Continue reading School (For 365)

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Breakfast (For 365)

Kedgeree.  Which might give the impression that I’m more of an adventurous cook than I actually am. I’m plodding through the new Weight Watchers plan this year, whilst MrC is on Lighter Life and therefore not eating any real food at all.  He’s a very good cook and would almost always prepare our meals so… Continue reading Breakfast (For 365)