Sticky 5-Spice Gammon (Without the 5-Spice)

Mike and I cooking together always seems like such a lovely fun idea; something we can do with each other at the end of a long day at work.  I imagine us standing at the kitchen worktop, chatting away about our day whilst beavering away in harmony and stopping only for an occasional romantic glance… Continue reading Sticky 5-Spice Gammon (Without the 5-Spice)

Nostalgia · Prompts

Where I Am From

I’m from a lifetime of Marks and Spencers underwear, from last season’s clothes bought on sale and from the dizzy limit of wealth being enough spare cash to buy a jacket from Jaeger. I’m from a favourite cousin’s hand-me-down sailor dress, and from a family of women who each in turn convinced themselves that they… Continue reading Where I Am From


Planning my First Speech

“So, have you volunteered to do your speech yet?” There had been a flurry of emails last week about the planning of last night’s Toastmasters session; up until the middle of the week, there hadn’t been any speeches scheduled. And I’d happened to mention to Mike that I’d had an email about it. Toastmasters is… Continue reading Planning my First Speech