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Kate Rusby at Cannon Hall Farm

We had a great evening at the Kate Rusby concert at Cannon Hall Farm yesterday. We’d wondered about the good sense of going along; the weather forecast had been decidedly dodgy, and neither of us had been to this type of open air concert before. And Mike was a bit peturbed at the prospect of… Continue reading Kate Rusby at Cannon Hall Farm

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Blogging and Anonymity

Anonymity and the internet used to be perfect partners. Or at least we felt that way. This used to be the place that we’d come to hide, to express things that would previously have been confined to a secret diary. We used pseudonyms, and every so often there’d be a bit of a rumble through… Continue reading Blogging and Anonymity

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Land of Hope and Glory?

It’s been baking hot in Yorkshire today, and I’ve had my office window open for most of the afternoon. From there, I can hear the young people coming and going from our supported accommodation. I smile often as I hear the sounds of laughter, and of little agreements that are so minor they’re worn out… Continue reading Land of Hope and Glory?