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My Relationship with Words

I’ve always loved words. I was one of those children who read everything. I’d read the words on the cereal boxes and whisper them so I could sense how they felt. Riboflavin. Thiamin. Magnesium.  I wondered a little about what they meant, and I loved the familiarity of seeing them every day. I’d make little… Continue reading My Relationship with Words

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My Mugography

If you’re a regular here, you might have noticed that I sometimes take part in Kate’s Listography over at Kate Takes 5. You’ve probably also noticed that I’m annoyingly sentimental. But I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I hoard and retain and find it really hard to throw stuff away. Put those three things together,… Continue reading My Mugography

Photo Projects

Through a Wire Fence

Shooting through a wire fence is one of the posts over at Digital Photography School today. We had a couple of zoo visits last year, and fences being a major issue means that some of the photography is quite challenging. I liked this one, though – and partly because it doesn’t really stick within the… Continue reading Through a Wire Fence

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Sleep – 15 of 366

We had another of our visits to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday. There were new things to see, as usual, including this which was part of a knitted woodland by Donna Wilson. We don’t really ‘do’ art. Neither of us really understands it properly, and yet we love the sculpture park as it all feels… Continue reading Sleep – 15 of 366