Broken – 17 of 366

Had a very productive day at work today – lots of things ticked off the ‘to do’ list.

And then the apostrophe / @ key came off while I was typing.

Two of my favourite symbols. I’m guessing it gave up from over-use.


  1. @ Louise…ouchee lol

  2. Love the simplicity of the composition.

  3. Broken – Gaffa Tape – Easy, now get back typing! @’

  4. Simple composition, nicely shot.

  5. –either that, or somebody’s trying to tell you to “Take A Break!”

    Love that photo.

  6. :( I guess you need a break from work! lol

  7. cute photo made me giggle

  8. Fun macro.

  9. Not surprised the way you bang a keyboard 😉

  10. Charlotte says:

    Fun shot!

  11. A symbol of today’s social society….this is what it’s come down to??????

  12. A commanding image!

  13. LOL – my apostrophe is with the ” key, so I would be lost on your keyboard!
    Love the photo though – super for the theme, especially when we are all her using our keyboards to respond. (now you will just have to use the ‘double apostrophe’ )

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