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Comfort – Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

5 of 366 We’ve both been really under the weather this week; Mike’s had the flu, and I’ve had a strange rash thing that we still don’t have a diagnosis for. As well as the itching, I’ve been pretty knocked out by a course of antibiotics. Without the little benefit of having someone to look… Continue reading Comfort – Slow Cooker Rice Pudding


Gingerbread Men Recipe

I can’t remember ever having made Gingerbread Men before, but Mike loves having them once in a while so I thought I’d have a go at making a batch.  I found a great gingerbread men recipe on the website. The recipes there cover a really wide range, including all the traditional favourites and some… Continue reading Gingerbread Men Recipe


Hotel Chocolat Christmas in November

When we arrived home from Scarborough last week, we had a fabulous box of chocolates waiting for us, courtesy of Hotel Chocolat. We’d been asked to choose something from their Chocolate Christmas Gifts range and do a little review, and we’ve had a wonderful time doing just that. This box is the Sleekster Christmas Selection,… Continue reading Hotel Chocolat Christmas in November


Sticky 5-Spice Gammon (Without the 5-Spice)

Mike and I cooking together always seems like such a lovely fun idea; something we can do with each other at the end of a long day at work.  I imagine us standing at the kitchen worktop, chatting away about our day whilst beavering away in harmony and stopping only for an occasional romantic glance… Continue reading Sticky 5-Spice Gammon (Without the 5-Spice)


Pastryless Quiche

As I become more deeply attuned to the alchemy of Slimming World, I’m building quite a repertoire of tricks; Pizzas made with a bashed-to-stretch-it-thin chicken breast in place of dough, Ferrero Rocher recreated with a crushed up Ryvita and a dollop of nutella.   And my absolute favourite, for all the wrong reasons.  The Pastryless… Continue reading Pastryless Quiche