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An Indoor Smell Safari

Another little post inspired by Susannah Conway‘s courses on senses. We’re looking at smells this week, and I’ve done a quickie version of today’s task. Indoors because it’s a bit nippy outside (I can’t believe that this is the best that June can muster). In a hurry because Mike’s being watching the football and has… Continue reading An Indoor Smell Safari

General Musings

A Treat from Interflora

It’s not very often that I have the chance of a really girly treat, so when Interflora asked me to take a look at something from their flower delivery range, I was delighted! I wanted to have something really seasonal; I love this time of year. I thought the Autumn Globe (with chocolates too!), with… Continue reading A Treat from Interflora

General Musings

Harvest Festival Thanks

Have your family given something to a harvest festival this year? Perhaps at your church or at your children’s school? I’m sure that most people have some connection with knowing that the harvest table is generally packed away and shared with people in the community who need it the most. But who are those people… Continue reading Harvest Festival Thanks

General Musings

Land of Hope and Glory?

It’s been baking hot in Yorkshire today, and I’ve had my office window open for most of the afternoon. From there, I can hear the young people coming and going from our supported accommodation. I smile often as I hear the sounds of laughter, and of little agreements that are so minor they’re worn out… Continue reading Land of Hope and Glory?