Nostalgia · Prompts

Making Music

Do you see the concentration on that little face? The hands resting on the keys that, at first glance, look like the effortless hand-over-hand movement of a concert pianist? The beginning of family lessons in music, because we’re from Yorkshire and there was no point throwing good money away on an actual teacher. Learning mostly… Continue reading Making Music

Nostalgia · Prompts · Toastmasters

Most Important Advice

Our Table Topics theme at Toastmasters last week was based around the advice that we’d give to our 10-year-old selves, given the opportunity to go back and have a word. Table Topics are normally given quickly, moments before having to stand up and speak with no preparation. They’re about as ‘life on the edge’ as… Continue reading Most Important Advice

Blogging and Writing · Prompts

Blogging and Anonymity

Anonymity and the internet used to be perfect partners. Or at least we felt that way. This used to be the place that we’d come to hide, to express things that would previously have been confined to a secret diary. We used pseudonyms, and every so often there’d be a bit of a rumble through… Continue reading Blogging and Anonymity