Faces – 6 of 366

An assortment of the very strange faces from my 1970s version of “Guess Who?”.  I’m comforted to see that the game seems to have been updated and the current faces are a little less sinister than these ones.

Yes, it’s already 18th January and I’m still only at picture number 6.



  1. I don’t remember the gane but I don’t personally find these faces sinister, I suppose my time in the Army gave me a different view of sinister.

  2. I do remember the game and the ‘spivvy’ Alex LOL

  3. Don’t know the game, but the faces are eerily familiar.

  4. Don’t know the game but the faces are definitely rather funny/strange all in one. And don’t sweat the number of photos taken. Just continue to post themes at your own pace since this is meant to be a fun project, not a stress-out! I like the angular perspective of your photo.

  5. I’m really surprised how well this turned out, knowing the lighting conditions you took this under.

  6. I used to love that game…now I have to go find my old game! Nice lighting!

  7. Now, I never knew this kind of games, but like your image.

  8. –haaa

    I remember that game well :))X

  9. Oh, boy, my daughter is exhaustingly addicted to that game! Couldn’t you have chosen Snakes & Ladders?! I’ve taken the liberty of passing on a gong to you if you’d like to pop over for a look: http://adventuresofamiddle-agedmatron.blogspot.com/2012/01/love-mongering.html

  10. Charlotte says:

    Oh, I’d forgotten that game! We had the same one in France (French version : “Qui Est-ce ?”). Great idea for the theme!

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