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Tips for a New Blogger

These are the things that I’d pass on to someone starting a blog for the first time (with a little note somewhere that I’ve not been very good at following them all myself…). 1 :: Use to start with. It’s neater than Blogger, for both the writer and the reader. There’s less opportunity to… Continue reading Tips for a New Blogger

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From to Self-Hosted WordPress

I made the decision to move over to self-hosted WordPress last week. I suppose it was a sort of indulgence; it’s not something I really needed to do. But I felt that I wanted to move onto the next stage while my blog’s still fairly young. Partly because a bit of me thought it might… Continue reading From to Self-Hosted WordPress

Blogging and Writing

Coming Back. Squirming.

Many years ago, when blogging was just a fringe activity and friends repeatedly told me that online social networks would never really catch on, I used to write fairly regularly on blogger and livejournal. The blogosphere was remarkably small in comparison to now and I was a very tiny part of the edges of it. … Continue reading Coming Back. Squirming.