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Already I’m a day behind…

I’m not quite back into the swing of the photography thing yet; I only looked at the list a few days ago, and I’m still pondering about some of the themes. My real challenge is to just make sure I put a picture up each day, even if it’s not at the standard I’d like.

One of my issues with photography is trying to find perfect things – a perfect flower, a perfect background or an unsmudged bit of chocolate.But nothing ever is perfect.

These are huge, by the way – the biggest chocolate buttons I’ve ever seen.

We’re at that stage now of having the last few Christmassy things to eat up before starting to diet at the weekend.


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So, here we are with the first photo of my 366 project for 2012.

I guess that a lot of people will be familiar with Quality Street chocolates – and were probably hoping that they’d seen the last of them for another year.  I’m not sure whether they’re just a British thing, although I’m sure that there’ll be an equivalent wherever you’re looking in from.

We used to have Quality Street at home over Christmas, and my grandparents always had Cadbury’s Roses at their house. So I grew up always having a bit of both every year.

Nowadays, I can never decide which I prefer – this year we had a little box of each instead of a big tin of either. We’ve still not even started on the Quality Street, but I thought they made for a good picture to finish the festive season.

I’m back at work tomorrow, so I’m now in the last few hours of my time off. Happy New Year to everyone – I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a lot of fun!

Click here if you want to know more about the 366 project; it’s a great way to have fun with photography and meet some really interesting and encouraging people from all across the world.

Hotel Chocolat Christmas in November

When we arrived home from Scarborough last week, we had a fabulous box of chocolates waiting for us, courtesy of Hotel Chocolat.

We’d been asked to choose something from their Chocolate Christmas Gifts range and do a little review, and we’ve had a wonderful time doing just that.

This box is the Sleekster Christmas Selection, a lovely range of Christmas flavours; fruits and spices and lots of different chocolate.

Mike went straight for the ginger cheesecake. He’s a real ginger fanatic, and this was the first one out of the box – and he loved it! Apparently one of the best ginger chocs he’s ever had.

My favourite was the Christmas mess. Gorgeous white chocolate with an almost sherbetty fruit middle and tiny meringue bits on top (that’s the one pictured here).

This was the first time either of us had tried anything from Hotel Chocolat. We’ve had to keep them out of the way so that we could just have a couple each every day. They certainly deserve better than being scoffed at one sitting.


We’ve loved every single one, and I definitely think we’ll be back for more at Christmas time.

The Hotel Chocolat website has a lovely range to suit all tastes and ages, and there must be a gift there to suit just about everyone – from stocking fillers and quirky little things for children right through to really huge luxury gifts for someone very special (hint there for Mike!).

Everything’s available for home delivery – and I think it’s worth mentioning that the Sleekster box was packaged perfectly to fit through our front door so we didn’t even need to wait in for delivery.

Thanks to Hotel Chocolat for giving us such a lovely taste of Christmas in November!