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Love on the Beach at Blyth

Part of my 366 Project. I took this picture on the beach at Blyth. We were there a couple of weeks ago, and it was pretty cold and windy. It seems quite a bleak place, but then there are lots and lots of benches with bits of poetry and songs and quotations on them. And… Continue reading Love on the Beach at Blyth

Photo Projects

Through a Wire Fence

Shooting through a wire fence is one of the posts over at Digital Photography School today. We had a couple of zoo visits last year, and fences being a major issue means that some of the photography is quite challenging. I liked this one, though – and partly because it doesn’t really stick within the… Continue reading Through a Wire Fence

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Sleep – 15 of 366

We had another of our visits to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday. There were new things to see, as usual, including this which was part of a knitted woodland by Donna Wilson. We don’t really ‘do’ art. Neither of us really understands it properly, and yet we love the sculpture park as it all feels… Continue reading Sleep – 15 of 366

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A Guest Post from My Walking Boots

This wasn’t the life we were meant for. We were supposed to be attached to the feet of someone with a thirst for adventure, hiking through the fields of Yorkshire and beyond. What we have, starting with an impulse buy one Sunday afternoon, is a life that’s mostly spent sitting in a corner of the… Continue reading A Guest Post from My Walking Boots