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Reflections on Swanwick

“Pace yourself,” they said in the smoking tent. “Don’t feel you have to do everything.” I’ve spent the past week at Swanwick Writing School, an annual event taking place in the tranquility of the Derbyshire countryside. I didn’t pace myself. There’s a wall of exhaustion that kicks in somewhere around Tuesday evening. It hits everyone,… Continue reading Reflections on Swanwick

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Why I Started Blogging

When I was in my preteen years, my grandmother would bring a whole stack of magazines to my mum each month. She read just about every magazine going, I think. My favourite parts of the magazines were the little columns about peoples’ lives. There’d usually be a woman in each magazine who would write a… Continue reading Why I Started Blogging

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Being a Blog Reader

I’ve taken another of the Summer Blog Social┬áprompts for today. I’m looking at things from a different point of view to yesterday’s post, which covered starting out as a blogger. Today I’m exploring some of the things that I look for as a blog reader.     The Prompt – “When you visit a blog,… Continue reading Being a Blog Reader

Blogging and Writing · Prompts

Tips for a New Blogger

These are the things that I’d pass on to someone starting a blog for the first time (with a little note somewhere that I’ve not been very good at following them all myself…). 1 :: Use to start with. It’s neater than Blogger, for both the writer and the reader. There’s less opportunity to… Continue reading Tips for a New Blogger