Love on the Beach at Blyth

Part of my 366 Project.

I took this picture on the beach at Blyth. We were there a couple of weeks ago, and it was pretty cold and windy. It seems quite a bleak place, but then there are lots and lots of benches with bits of poetry and songs and quotations on them.

And Cole Porter really knew how to write about love.

(I’ve left this one full size, so if you click on it you get the big version).

Monday Mixtape – Birth Dates

I’ve not done much in the way of creativity this past week, but I’ve been keeping entertained with twitter and facebook. One of the things going around on facebook has been the meme about what was number one on the day we were born.

And now it turns out that Clara at I Want My Mummy has set that very topic for this week’s Monday Mixtape.

There’s a great website that finds the number one single and album for any given date during the past 60 years. Click here to access it.

The song that was number one on the day that I was born was Diana Ross singing “I’m Still Waiting”.

I think it’s a lovely song, but it’s not something that’s ever meant anything in particular to me. I can’t help feeling a bit disappointed that it’s not something a bit more interesting.

My sister’s was “Tiger Feet”, which is much more exciting, so I thought I’d include that as well (I love how the singer gets tangled up in his microphone flex at the start!).

What was number one on your birthday? Or on another special birthday or event? You might want to join in with the linky and share.


Monday Mixtape

Over at I Want My Mummy, Clara’s hosting a Monday Mixtape on childhood crushes.

Mine was George Michael.  In his Wham! heyday, I covered my bedroom wall with posters and thought he was the most gorgeous man alive.  I still have a huge soft spot for him now, but less of a crushy thing and more like a very familiar old friend.

The pictures are my bedroom well somewhere in the mid 1980s. All indoor photos seemed to come out with an orange tinge back then.

Here’s a taster of Wham! so you can judge for yourselves…



Do you remember your first pop-star crush? Why not pop over to Clara and add them to this week’s Mix Tape?

Making Music

Do you see the concentration on that little face?

The hands resting on the keys that, at first glance, look like the effortless hand-over-hand movement of a concert pianist?

The beginning of family lessons in music, because we’re from Yorkshire and there was no point throwing good money away on an actual teacher.

Learning mostly by ploughing through the Beatles Complete and the various works of Roger and Hammerstein while my friends were learning scales and theory and all the other dull bits.

Learning to play for people and for fun, instead of for accuracy and perfection.

Learning to entertain.

It’s a long time since I’ve played properly, but I often wonder whether I might return to it.

And on Thursday, because that’s the first day that we can play anything festive, I’ll put Sleigh Ride on the music stand and drive myself half-crazy trying to get the hang of the fancy pants hand-over-hand bit.


I wrote this post for this week’s RememberRED prompt over at Write on Edge. The prompt was “to take us into the moment your favorite photograph of yourself was taken, to show us who you were then and what the photograph means–in 300 words.” I guess I went a little way to achieving that.

Music (117 of 365)

The wonderful Grimethorpe Colliery Band, playing A Fistful of Dollars in a very blustery open air concert at Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley on Sunday.

(They do all have legs – and very shiny shoes – but I had a lady in front of me with a bright green rainhood on and I’ve had to crop the picture to remove her!).

Another photograph for the 365 Project that I’m taking part in.