Remembrance (70 of 365)

The text reads “The Church of Holyrood erected on this site in 1320 was damaged by enemy action on 30th Nov 1940. Known for centuries as the Church of the Sailors the ruins have been preserved by the people of Southampton as a memorial garden of rest dedicated to those who served in the Merchant Navy and lost their lives at sea.

Gate (69 of 365)

The Bargate, Southampton.  Originally built as part of the city wall and a main point of entry to the town at that time.  More here…

Note the big early(ish) morning shadows.  Over the past year or so, I’ve completely transformed my sleeping / waking times.  I was always a last-to-bed person who was never awake in time for breakfast.  So much better now – this photograph was taken one morning when I was up and ready for the day with over half an hour to spare.