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Reflections on Swanwick

“Pace yourself,” they said in the smoking tent. “Don’t feel you have to do everything.” I’ve spent the past week at Swanwick Writing School, an annual event taking place in the tranquility of the Derbyshire countryside. I didn’t pace myself. There’s a wall of exhaustion that kicks in somewhere around Tuesday evening. It hits everyone,… Continue reading Reflections on Swanwick

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My Relationship with Words

I’ve always loved words. I was one of those children who read everything. I’d read the words on the cereal boxes and whisper them so I could sense how they felt. Riboflavin. Thiamin. Magnesium.  I wondered a little about what they meant, and I loved the familiarity of seeing them every day. I’d make little… Continue reading My Relationship with Words

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Tips for a New Blogger

These are the things that I’d pass on to someone starting a blog for the first time (with a little note somewhere that I’ve not been very good at following them all myself…). 1 :: Use to start with. It’s neater than Blogger, for both the writer and the reader. There’s less opportunity to… Continue reading Tips for a New Blogger

Blogging and Writing

Coming Back. Squirming.

Many years ago, when blogging was just a fringe activity and friends repeatedly told me that online social networks would never really catch on, I used to write fairly regularly on blogger and livejournal. The blogosphere was remarkably small in comparison to now and I was a very tiny part of the edges of it. … Continue reading Coming Back. Squirming.