I’ve been losing myself a little in Susannah Conway’s book, This I Know, over the past few days.

And I’m planning to lose myself a little more in Susannah’s Unravelling the Year Ahead ebook.

(Click on the link for your own free downloadable copy).

Before I even begin, I know that I won’t be quite the same when I’m done.


I need colours to do this. I need to draw swirls and lines, and to feel creative and arty even though I can’t really draw.

And the beautiful shiny Berol pens unravel me right back to being a child. I’ve often thought that I lived a brand-free childhood; no designer trainers, no logos on jackets. Standard-issue spectacles and very little that was trendy.

I’ve often thought that I was never much bothered about that stuff.

And then I remembered having Berol pens. Being ever-so-slightly cool.

When other people were fixating on shoes and coats, I was falling in love with stationery.

And that remembering’s without even having tried drawing with them yet.


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