365 Project Photohunt

I’ve attempted a 365 Project Photohunt for the past couple of years.

Here’s my new one – started in the middle of 2013 because I was kind of missing it too much (although I’m still not sure when I’ll actually get started on actually doing it again…)

There were so many words I missed on the 2011 / 2012 challenges, and I’ve added a few extra words of my own.

You’re welcome to use the list in whatever way suits your creativity.  If you’re joining in, do leave a link in the comments.

Strict 365-ers would go for one picture a day, but I think it’s fine to do it as differently and creatively as you want to. That might be one a day or two a month.

Hunt, laugh, bend the meanings, misinterpret, gather words together to tell a story. Do it scavenger hunt style with your family.

If you can’t find a photograph to take, find one in an ancient album. Draw the word instead. Or write about it.

The greatest fun I’ve had with past challenges has been on days out with the list in my pocket.  [Printable version to come].

If you need a blog to host your project, click here and WordPress will have you up and running in less than 10 minutes.


And here’s the list…

1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s

A is for, Abandoned, Above, Animal, Art, Athletic, Autumn

B is for, Band, Beach, Beads, Beans, Beat, Beginning, Below, Beneath, Berry, Big, Big and small, Black, Bling, Blossom, Blue, Boat, Books, Bounce, Bows, Box, Breakfast, Bright, Broken, Brown, Bubble, Buds, Busy, Buttons

C is for, Celebrate, Centre, Charity, Cheese, Chocolate, Christmas, Circle, City, Closed, Clouds, Cold, Collage, Colouring, Colours, Comfort, Community, Compact, Complex, Contrast, Cosy, Countryside, Covered, Cracked, Cream, Crooked, Crush, Cube, Curved

D is for, Dairy, Damaged, Dark, Dawn, Dayglo, Details, Dew, Diamond, Dinner, Distance, Down, Drink, Drops, Dusk

E is for, Early, Eight, Eighty, Elegance, Empty, End, Entertain, Entrance, Everyday, Eyes

F is for, Face, Fade, Faith, Fancy, Farm, Fashion, Fast, Fastened, Favourite Place, Feather, Feet, Few, Fifty, Fingers, First, Fitness, Five, Flame, Flavour, Flight, Flower, Fluffy, Font, Foreign, Fortune, Forty, Four, Fragile, Frame, Full, Funny, Future

G is for, Garden, Gate, Glamour, Glass, Glitter, Glue, Gnarled, Graffiti, Green, Grip, Ground, Growth

H is for, Hair, Hands, Harbour, Hard, Harmony, Harvest, Hat, Healthy, Heat, Heels, High, History, Holiday, Home, Hope, Hot, Huge, Humanity

I is for, Ice, Iced, Indoors, Indulgence, Insect, Instrument, Isolated

J is for, Jam, Jewel, Joy

K is for, Keyboard, Keys, Kitchen

L is for, Last, Late, Laundry, Learning, Leather, Leaves, Legs, Letters, Lift, Light, Lines, Lipstick, Liquid, Loud, Love, Low, Lunch

M is for, Magic, Many, Me, Memory, Mess, Metal, Mist, Modern, Motion, Mouth, Music, Myth

N is for, Nails, Natural, New, Nine, Ninety, Noisy, Numbers

O is for, One, Orange, Organised

P is for, Pages, Paint, Peace, Performance, Personal, Pet, Pier, Pink, Plastic, Pop, Pour, Powder, Preserve, Prickly, Pride, Prime, Prize, Pudding, Puddle, Punctuation, Purple

Q is for, Quiet

R is for, Rain, Rainbow, Raindrops, Red, Reflection, Relax, Religion, Rest, Retro, Ribbon, Ring, Rose, Round, Ruin

S is for, Sale, Sand, Savoury, Sea, Seat, Secret, See, Seeds, Self, Self Portrait, Sentimental, Seven, Seventy, Shells, Shoes, Shoots, Silence, Simple, Sing, Single, Six, Sixty, Skin, Sky, Slow, Small, Smell, Snow, Snug, Socks, Soft, Solo, Sour, Sparkle, Splash, Spout, Spring, Square, Star, Stationery, Steady, Sticky, Stillness, Stitch, Stop, Story, Structure, Summer, Sun, Sweet, Symbols, Symmetrical

T is for, Talk, Tangle, Tape, Taste, Tea, Team, Tear, Teeth, Ten, Thirty, Three, Tickets, Tiny, Tired, Touch, Town, Tradition, Travel, Treat, Trees, Triangle, Tub, Tube, Twenty, Two

U is for, Unfinished, Up

V is for, Valentine, View, Village, Vintage

W is for, Walk, Warm, Watch, Water, Wave, Weeds, Wet, White, Wild, Wind, Winter, Wobble, Wood

X is for

Y is for, Yellow

Z is for, Zip

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