365 Photo Project (2011)

This project started at the beginning of 2011 ( I first heard about it over at klsbear.wordpress.com).   I joined in during March – almost three months in – in the hope that it would encourage me to take more pictures, and that practice would help me to improve my photography skills.

It became a treasure hunt of sorts; I had moments of absolute joy in coming across surprise scenes that would be perfect for one of the words, and I had times of great frustration in not feeling creative enough to find anything to fit some of the themes.

I did learn along the way, too. I learned about photography, and I learned about how kind and supportive people are on the internet. There’s a lot of us about, all experimenting with being creative and all learning from each other.

I didn’t manage anything close to the 365. My final count was just over 130, but I’m happy with that. I’d definitely do it again next year.


So here’s the list.

The coloured links are those that I managed to complete; click there to see how I interpreted that theme.

Abstract, Action Shot, Airborne, Alive, Amazing, Animal, Aqua, Architecture, Arranged, Art, Asymmetrical, Athletic, Autumn

Barns, Barren, Bathtime, Bed Time, Beneath, Best Friend, Beverages, Black, Black and White Image, Bliss, Bloom, Blue, Blurred, Body Parts, Bold, Bread, Breakfast, Broken, Burgundy, Busy

Calm, Candles, Candy, Car Parts, Casual, Celebration, Cement, Center of Interest, Chairs or Benches, Challenge / Challenging, Cheese, Childhood, Children, Chimneys, Chocolate, Chores, Circular, City or Town, Cleanliness, Coiled, Cold, Comfort Foods, Comfy & Cozy, Compact, Contemporary, Cooking, Costume, Creative, Creepy, Critters, Crooked, Cupcakes, Curves

Dairy, Damaged, Dark, Daybreak, Debris, Depth of Field, Dessert, Disorder, Distant, Domestic, Door, Drink, Dusk

Earth-tones, Edible, Eight, Elegant, Emotions, Empty, Endearing, Entrance (and another Entrance pic here), Every Day Sights, Evolution, Exercise, Exhibit, Eyes

Faceless Portraits, Faces, Fairytale, Family, Fashion, Fast, Fast Food, Fasteners, Favorite Food, Fear, Fences, Fish, Fitness, Five, Flat, Flight, Floor, Fluffy, Fly, Footwear, Four, Fragile, Freeze Frame, Friendships, Frilly, From My Past, Front Doors, Frosted, Fruit, Furniture, Fuzzy

Games, Garbage, Garden, Gates, Generous, Glass, Glowing, Gold, Green, Groceries, Group or groupings

Hair, Handbag, Hands, Hanging, Health, Hearts, Heartwarming, Heavy, Hero, Hiding, High Contrast Shot, Holidays, Homemade, Hope, House/Home, Humor

I Love…, In Shadow, In the City, In the Details, In the Distance, In your House, Insect, Interaction, Interior, Isolation, Itsy-Bitsy Teeny Weeny


Kitchen Utensils

Landscape, Large, Laundry, Leading Lines, Letters in Architecture, Letters in Nature, Lightness, Liquid, Literature, Lots & Lots & Lots, Lunchtime

Macro Shot, Matched Pair, Metallic, Metals, Minimalism, Misty / Foggy, Mood, Morning Routine, Motion, Motion Blur, Motionless, Motorized, Mouth Watering, Movement, Multicolored, Multiples, Music, Musical

Natural Framing, Nature, Nautical, Negative Space, Neglected, Night shot, Nightlife, Nine, Noisy, Nuts

Obligations, Oddity, On a Farm, One, One-Two-Three, Orange, Orbs, Ordinary, Ornament/Ornamental, Overcast

Packaging, Pampered, Panning (motion) shot, Passion, Pasta, Pastel, Patriotic, Pipes, Plants, Plastics, Playful, Pleasure, Point/Pointed, Portrait, Powerful, Precious, Prickly, Primary Colors, Purple

Raindrops keep falling, Reaching Up, Recreation, Red, Reflect, Refreshing, Relationship, Relaxation, Religion, Remembrance, Renewal, Repeating Patterns, Restful, Retro, Roadside, Rough, Round, Rule of Thirds, Rural

Sandy, Scattered, School, Seafood, Seaside, Seeds, Self-Portrait, Seven, Shades of Grey, Shapes in Nature, Sharp, Shiny, Silhouette, Simple / Minimalism, Six, Sizzling Hot, Sky-High, Slam on the Brakes, Slick, Slow, Slowly, Small, Smells, Smooth, Snack or Treat, Softness, Something about you, Soothing, Spic and Span, Spiral, Sports, Spring, Square, Statue, Still Life, Store Fronts, Stripes, Strong, Stuffed Animals, Summer Fun, Sunshine, Surfaces, Sweet, Symbols, Symmetrical

Tables, Tasty, Team, Ten, Textured, The Arts, The Office, The Weekend, Three, Thriving, Through a Window, Together, Tools, Tractors, Traditional, Translucent, Tri colors, Two

Ultimate Thrill, Under Water, Unfinished, Unforgettable, Union, Unique Camera Angle

Vacation, Valentine’s Day, Vegetable, Vehicle, Vivid

Warm, Warped, Water, Wealth, Weathered, Wet, What is That, Wheels, White, Wild, Window, Wine, Winter

Yard Work, Yellow

Letter A, Letter B, Letter C, Letter D, Letter E, Letter F, Letter G, Letter H, Letter I, Letter J, Letter K, Letter L, Letter M, Letter N, Letter O, Letter P, Letter Q, Letter R, Letter S, Letter T, Letter U, Letter V, Letter W, Letter X, Letter Y, Letter Z.

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  1. Good luck on your journey. You have a very good list of things to take pictures of and hope that you really do complete this!

  2. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later on. Many thanks

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