366 Photo Themes for 2012

The 366 project was led by a wonderful group of Photoshop Elements users from the now closed “Elements Village” website.

The real idea was to post a picture a day, and to cover the whole list during the course of the year. I was one of the less dedicated participants and used the list just for inspiration and ideas.

I didn’t get far with this one, but the themes I did manage to cover have a clickable link through to the picture.


So here we go with the themes for 2012…

Abandoned, Abstract, Accidental, Activities, Addiction, Adolescence, Aged, Agriculture, Alone, Analog, Angles, Animal, Architecture, Arranged, Art, Athletic, Automotive, Awful

Beauty, Beginnings, Best Friend, Big and Small, Blessing, Blossom, Blur, Boats, Body, Bounds, Boy, Bright, Broken, Building, Burn, Busy

Candid, Candy, Cars, Casual, Chaos, Characters, Childhood, Childrens Toys, Chill, China, Chocolate, Circular, City Life, Cleanliness, Clock, Clouds, Cold, Colours, Comfort, Common, Complexity, Conspicuous, Contrast, Cool, Costume, Critters, Crooked, Crowded, Curvature

Damaged, Dangerous, Daybreak, Dead of Night, Debris, Delicate, Depth of Field, Design, Desire, Destruction, Discovery, Disguise, Disorder, Distant, Distorted, Domestic, Downtown, Dream, Dusk, Duty

Eating, Edible, Elaborate, Electricity, Embark, Emotions, Emptiness, Enormous, Evil, Excitement, Exercise, Experimental, Extreme Closeup, Eyes

Faces, Faith, Family, Famous, Fancy, Fantasy, Far From Home, Fashion, Fast, Faucets, Fear, Feminine, Fire, First Class, Flight, Flowers, Fluffy, Food, Foreign, Found Objects, Fragile, Freeze Frame, Fresh, Friend, Full, Fun, Furry, Futuristic, Fuzzy

Games, Garden, Gathering, Ghostly, Girl, Glamour, Glass, Gloomy, Glow, Gross, Groups, Growth

Hands, Happiness Is…, Health, Heavy, Heights, High Key, High Speed, Homemade, Hot, How I See Myself, Humour

Iconic, Identity, Immature, Imperfection, Industrial, Innocence, Insignificant, Interior, Inviting, …Is In The Details, Isolation

Journey, Jovial, Junk, Justice

Keepsakes, Kitchen

Landmark, Landscape, Large, Leisure, Lightness, Lines, Liquid, Little, Loud, Love, Low Key, Luggage, Luscious

Machine, Macro, Manufactured, Many, Masculine, Massive, Masterpiece, Maturity, Mechanism, Metallic, Milk Carton, Misty, Modern, Money, Monochrome, Mother Nature, Motion, Motionless, Mountain, Multiples, My Favorite Spot, My Little Secret

Nature, Near, Neglect, Neighborhood, New, New York, Night, Noisy, Noon, Nuisances

Objects, Ocean, Old Fashioned, Open, Organized, Outdoors, Overcast, Overlooked

Packaging, Panorama, Parts, Passage of Time, Pastimes, Patterns, Peaceful, People, Perspective, Pet, Plants, Plastic, Playground, Pleasure, Polished, Port, Portrait, Power, Primitive, Private, Professional, Prosperity, Public Space, Purity

Quality, Quests

Radiant, Rails, Rare, Real Life, Recreation, Reflections, Refrigerator, Relationship, Relaxation, Religion, Remember, Rest, Retro, Ride, Rough, Round, Rural

School, Seashore, SelfPortrait, Sentimental, Sexy, Shade, Shadows, Sharp, Shiny, Showbiz, Signs, Silence, Silhouette, Silky, Simplicity, Skin, SkyHigh, Sleep, Slowly, Small, Smoke, Smooth, Soft, Soft Focus, Solitude, Somber, Space, Speed, Spiral, Spontaneous, Sport, Spot, Square, Stamp, Stand Out, Stapler, Starboard, Statement, Station, Status, Still Life, Stop Sign, Strange, Strength, Structure, Success, Summer, Sundown, Surfaces, Surreal, Symbols, Symmetry

Technology, Textured, The Blues, The City, The Country, The Office, The Street, The Team, The Weekend, Ticket, Tiny, Tools, Tourist, Tranquility, Transportation, Travel, Treasure, Trees, Turbulent

Umbrellas, Unexpected, Unfinished, Unforgettable, Urban, Used, Utilities

Vacation, Vanity, Vehicle, Vertical, Vistas

Warmth, Warnings, Warped, Water, Weathered, Weight, Welcome, Wet, Wheels, Wholesome, Wide Angle, Wilderness, Wings, Work, Worn,

XFactor, Xmas

Youth, Yummy

Zany, Zoo

7 thoughts on “366 Photo Themes for 2012

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  2. hadnt realised from looking at other blogs there was a theme, thought you just took a pic that appealed that day. right better get a copy of said list and see what I can achieve

    1. Hi Elaine – I think lots of people approach doing 366 projects differently – some post just on one theme (eg I’ve seen someone who takes a photo of themself every day and posts that) for the whole year.

      I think you’re right that most people just take whatever picture appeals to them on that particular day. There’s just a group of about 60 people following the list here and trying to take pictures to fit the themes. I think it’s more fun this way, but it really is up you to go with whatever you feel most comfy with. It’s all about having fun, really!

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  4. That’s an ambitious idea, to cover a theme each day. I started a blog this year called 366pictures.com – Each day I take a picture and post it. Heaven only knows what I would do if I had to keep to a theme!

    Good luck anyway!

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