About Me

I’m ancient.  Not a girl at all (and yes, I know that adult females are called women).

But even in my middle-age, there are parts of girlhood that I’ll never properly leave behind.

In the ordinary everyday parts of my life, I look after a charity in Doncaster, England.

In those parts of my life, I’m a manager and a leader.  Sometimes a thinker, and very occasionally a mathematician.

In the other parts of my life, I live mostly in a very quiet and unassuming way. With occasional hints of mild adventure.

At the weekends, in my jeans or in my pyjamas, I’m mindful and ponderous.

This blog is for those moments; the moments where The Girl Behind can be the most important part of me.

I’m a thumpity amateur pianist, a repeat offender at failing with Slimming World and a bit of a theatre fan. I’m currently experimenting with playing a pink ukelele.

One day, I’ll write a novel; something long and worthy with lots of twists.

For now, I’m just puddling through.

These are my life’s stories.