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Breakfast (For 365)

Kedgeree.  Which might give the impression that I’m more of an adventurous cook than I actually am.

I’m plodding through the new Weight Watchers plan this year, whilst MrC is on Lighter Life and therefore not eating any real food at all.  He’s a very good cook and would almost always prepare our meals so I’d been able to take a back seat since he moved here.  But that system would be very unfair nowadays so I’m having to re-learn to cook.  That actually involves me making just one or two very simple things each weekend – weekdays are v. busy so I generally have something quick.

Last Sunday, it took me an hour and a quarter to make a mushroom omelette.  Kedgeree in an hour is a huge improvement and of increasing complexity – it involved using two things from the spice rack (including curry powder best before April 2009).

It’s a start, at least…

(There’s some info here about the 365 Project that I’m taking part in).

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