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Car Parts (50 of 365)…

…and also now added to the Weekly Photo Challenge over at thedailypost.

We went over to Chatsworth House on Sunday for a one-day photography course with Photography Made Simple.  Mike did a session on Landscapes, and I did a beginners session on moving away from the ‘Auto’ function and starting to use some of the more creative settings.  I learned so much, and lots of bits about photography have finally ‘clicked’ for me.

Taking part in the 365 is proving to be a great journey of being a little bit artistic and a touch creative; I’m so enjoying having this funny little project as part of my life, and it’s lovely to be constantly looking around me for inspiration.  I’m also learning a great deal as I go along.

There was a TVR gathering happening at Chatsworth when we were there; an obvious subject for a picture.

11 thoughts on “Car Parts (50 of 365)…

  1. They were one of the cars to die for in the mind of any spotty faced 16 year old like me.
    Those were the days of British Car manufacturing.

  2. I find your photo captivating — the colors, the angle of the shot, reflections, and the green raised hood. Nice composition. I think I’d like to take that photography class.

  3. It’s been years since I’ve been in Chatsworth. cars always make nice subjects for photography, especially if they are all lined up and nice and shiny

  4. Looks like a pro’s photo to me! I really like how the two cars on the outside are the same color and the two cars in the middle are contrasting colors…

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