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Celebration (for 365)

We have a funny little thing at work.  There are two of us who work very closely together, and as we work for a charity that sometimes involves applying for funds to do new things – or just to continue the things that we already do well.

This week’s been a bit of a whirlwind; we started it with a meeting with our main funder and had confirmation of another grant fund yesterday.  Both are really significant for us and will help us to improve on our work and start up a few new things too.

We’re a fairly small charity with a small number of projects, and so funding bids aren’t a frequent thing for us.  But we have a little tradition that when do have a success (in that space where other people might have a bottle of champagne or a night on the town to celebrate) we let off a party popper.

And sometimes, if it’s a really big fund, like one of the ones we had this week, we have a bit of a hug and a cry too.

(Info about the 365 project that I’m taking part in here).

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