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Already I’m a day behind…

I’m not quite back into the swing of the photography thing yet; I only looked at the list a few days ago, and I’m still pondering about some of the themes. My real challenge is to just make sure I put a picture up each day, even if it’s not at the standard I’d like.

One of my issues with photography is trying to find perfect things – a perfect flower, a perfect background or an unsmudged bit of chocolate.But nothing ever is perfect.

These are huge, by the way – the biggest chocolate buttons I’ve ever seen.

We’re at that stage now of having the last few Christmassy things to eat up before starting to diet at the weekend.

13 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. I am starting the diet today (along w/ work) ugh…..I would much rather be at your house eating those chocolate buttons! 🙂

  2. The first three letters of Diet put me off doing it, we have ones that look like that filled with mint nougat, Yummmmmmmy. I started looking for perfect then caught sight of myself in a mirror, now I settle for INTERESTING!

  3. These look so smooth and creamy…with just enough there to satisfy a chocolate craving. Every diet should include a bit of chocolate so one doesn’t go completely bonkers by abstaining and then eat everything in sight…my theory anyway!

  4. Don’t look at it like you are behind. Instead, just think of it like you have over 300 days to catch up! 🙂 Those chocolate buttons look yummy, on a side note….

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