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Comfort Food (54 of 365)

I struggle with some of the 365 themes.  Some because I can’t think of something to fit the theme and others because I have lots of ideas and can’t decide which to use.

I could have come up with a fair few ideas for Comfort Food, but I saw this lovely old biscuit box and thought that it would fit nicely.  Biscuits and nostalgia – what could be more comforting than that?!

(I did actually also make a batch of rock cakes a few weeks ago and photographed those to use for this theme – but MrC said that they looked too sinister to post!).

0 thoughts on “Comfort Food (54 of 365)

  1. Please post the sinister rock cakes – now I am just intrigued…
    What is sinister about a mere rock cake?
    Also, I think you have inspired me to try baking rock cakes – they are a blast from the childhood past!

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