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Cybher Intro (now for BlogCamp too)

BlogCamp and Cybher are my first ever blogging events, and I’m really looking forward to both days.

We’ve been asked to put up an icebreaker for the meet and greet linkies. So here’s mine…

Name : Louise
Twitter : @girlbehind
Height : 5′ 6″ I think.

Five things you should know about me

1. I turned 40 last September. It’s really not as bad as I expected, and I now feel able to slip nicely into a fragrant, artistic – and perhaps slightly mad – middle age.

2. Sometimes, I think I’m the only blogger on the planet that doesn’t have an army of children. I keep saying it might happen one day, but I’m coming around to thinking I might have missed the boat.

3. I have very peculiar taste in music; my favourite boy band is the Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

4. The night before Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew, my aunty taught me to do Fergie-style hair swept back from the sides and hairgripped at the back. I’ve worn it like that almost every day since, and it’s served me very well.

5. I’m really worried about meeting people at Cybher. And even more worried that I’ll not meet anyone because I’ll be hovering in a corner fretting about the fact that mingling with strangers isn’t really my strong point.


And here’s a picture of me. I don’t always have that strange faraway look in my eyes.  My other half was experimenting and he asked me to stare into the middle distance whilst thinking about an exotic place to travel to (we were on York station at the time).

I’d actually just bought a panini and was waiting for it to be warmed, so I was thinking about that.

Cybher Louise The Girl Behind

12 thoughts on “Cybher Intro (now for BlogCamp too)

  1. I too am scared witless though I shall most likely hide the fact by dancing the lambada around you in a sad attempt to break the ice.
    If you want a child I can sort you out with one – consider it a loan 😉

  2. I would seriously be thinking of my Panini too! Don’t worry about the day. This is my 3rd blogger conference and I can confirm they are a rather nice bunch of people 🙂
    See you there!

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