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Doncaster 10k Run

We had the Doncaster 10k course going right past the end of our road yesterday.  What a great chance to get out and take some sporty pictures!

I think this is the first time I’ve ever actually watched an organised run.

I’m a long way from even being able to dream of doing it myself, but I do kind of ‘get’ running, and I can see why it’s so rewarding.

We often talk about goals in terms of journeys and races.

Wherever there’s a bunch of women gathered together to talk about goals, there’s always someone who’s planning a run or training for a run or able to reflect on how she did ever so well just a couple of months ago and completed the run she’d been planning for a year.

I really do see that.  And now I’ve seen it for real, with those hundreds of feet thundering past while I was snapping away and trying to capture some of their joy.

I loved seeing the different types of people taking part. From the serious runners in their club shirts, right through to the guy who made it round in the bear costume.  And all the amazing people in between.

I found myself wondering about their stories.

I’m guessing that some would have been there for personal challenge.

As they ran past me, there’d occasionally be someone running with a friend and willing them on with encouraging words;

“You’re doing great, keep it up.”

“Take it steady. Go at your own pace.”

And there were lots of people with charity slogans on their tops, perhaps running in memory of someone they loved.  Perhaps running for the first time.

There were all sorts of people.  Absolutely all sorts. People with wobbly bits, people with bits strapped up, people who were feeling the joy of every single step, and people who were focused and totally in the zone.


I had a wonderfully heart-warming couple of hours watching them.

If they run this again next year, I’d recommend it to everyone in Doncaster.  If you’re free, it’s well worth getting out there to cheer them on and help them on their way.

It’s great for the spirit.

Not just for the people who are running, but for any of us who’ve had a big unachievable goal or wondered what it might feel like to really reach for something and work hard for it.

Doncaster 10k 2012

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