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Drink (62 of 365)

MrC dropped me off at the hairdressers this afternoon and then went off on some errands.  I was finished before him and so went for a wander around a few of the little shops nearby.

The Salvation Army have a charity shop along the parade.  I’ve never been in before but had some time to kill.  It was like a little Aladdin’s Cave – all sorts of things in there; furniture, clothes, books and all manner of bits and pieces.  I found this gorgeous mini teapot for £1.25 – what a bargain!

I’m quite a fan of the Salvation Army, both for the work that they do with some of our most vulnerable people and for their wonderful music at Christmas.

I normally drink black coffee, so tea’s a bit of a special treat.  I’ve already had three cups since this afternoon!

4 thoughts on “Drink (62 of 365)

  1. There is a gallery in Creedmoor, NC that has a Tea Pot show every few summers. It is this summer and I hope to go. But I don’t know if they allow photos. I can’t remember but I usually take my camera and don’t have any photos from the last one.

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