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Exhibit (65 of 365)

I keep coming across photographs that I’ve missed.  I think I need some sort of system…

When we were at Harewood a couple of weeks ago, they had a penguin feeding time thing. I’m never quite sure how I feel about that sort of thing (the animal welfare side) and I have no ability to judge whether animals are being well cared for or not.

Anyway, this guy was one of the ones being fed but he also seemed to take his role as an exhibit quite seriously and I quite like how he turned out on this photograph.

0 thoughts on “Exhibit (65 of 365)

    1. Rebekah, I love this project so much – I’ve found it so rewarding to be part of something that’s encouraging me to take pictures all the time (which in turn helps me to look at everything a little bit differently).

      I’m sure you could join in now and aim for 250 or thereabouts!

    2. Yes, that’s the thing … to be part of something. I AM taking part in the WordPress Post-A-Day challenge, but this thing with just one word seems so appealing to me.

      I take pictures too, but now it’s been pouring down for almost four weeks. Been using older ones 🙂

      Will check it out more thoroughly…

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