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Fashion (12 of 365)

I’ve always resisted fashion (and, to be fair, it has more than resisted me).  But I’ve recently embraced the idea of wearing a scarf indoors as a little accessory.  On the one hand, they’ve been great at livening up a few outfits that were getting a bit tired. On the other hand, they can present a bit of a health and safety issue and need constant supervision.

Another time, perhaps, I’ll relate the story of my last secretary wearing a tassled poncho to work and only realising that she’d lost a good chunk of it when she noticed her neck being pulled towards the shredder.

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  1. I have that purple pashmina – great for brightening by black/white/taupe outfits! The orange is pretty but doesn’t work for my skin.

    I’m enjoying your witty posts and pics.

    1. Hello Bobbi – I have a similar thing with my hair colour; I’ve been experimenting with a couple of colours (covering the strands of grey up!) and if I have a strong hair colour it really impacts on the fabric colours I can wear.

      Thanks for all your comments – lovely to have you reading.

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