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From My Past (10 of 365)

(For the 365 Project that I’m taking part in, and for the Weekly Photo Challenge : Old over at the Daily Post)

Raggity is about as far in my past as its possible to get.  She slept with me in my first little cot when I was a baby, and the earliest recording of me speaking is a discussion on how she should be looked after.

She’s lived in a box for most of my life, carried around and kept on top of more wardrobes than I care to remember.  She’s a bit stinky and very grubby in places, but she’s my oldest and one of my most loved possessions.

We’ve grown old together and let ourselves go a little.  Our hair is more straggly and our shoes aren’t as well cared-for as they should be.  But she’s a great reminder that a good helping of mascara and a bit of red lippy can make the dowdiest of us seem decidedly perky.

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