Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, don’t we? Those little things that we love to have in our lives – even though we know that they’re not really cool (I guess by that definition, most of my life would be a guilty pleasure)…

Salad Cream

I’m not sure whether this is even widely known any more, or whether it’s exclusively available in pockets of northern England. It reminds me of Saturday teatimes in the 1970s. In fact, I still tend to use it to smother piles of iceberg lettuce.

By the time I realised it was just about the least sophisticated thing to put on food, it was far to late to kick the habit.

Goes very nicely on chips, too.


TV Talent Shows

This isn’t just my guilty pleasure, surely.  Haven’t we all got a little caught up in things like X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing?

In a few weeks’ time, our Saturday outings will start being cut short by the need to be home and in front of the telly. Curtains shut, standard lamp on. Ready for autumn and then winter – and the annual rollercoaster of emotions.

I can hardly wait!


Schadenfreude – I only learned about a week ago that there’s an actual word for this.  But I’ve always found other peoples’ misfortunes horribly funny.

The first I remember was when I was about eight years old and my dad sneezed when he was feeding the cat, put his back out and was out of action for the best part of a fortnight.

I’m nicer, obviously, once I’ve stopped laughing.


Grimethorpe Colliery Band Now, I think these guys are really cool, and it’s not to do with me being ancient; I’ve been a fan for a good few years.

They’re just back in Yorkshire after a tour of Australia. And they’re the guys who played the band in Brassed Off. What’s not to love?



Muller Strawberry Shortcake Corner – My most recent Guilty Pleasure.

Since I flipped back to Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, I’ve been having at least one – sometimes two – of these every day.

Mike thinks it’s an addiction.  Partly due to me pleading with him to drive halfway across town in the thick of night to find one for me.


I’ve loved putting these together.  Thanks to Kate at Kate Takes 5 for setting up the Guilty Pleasures Listography.

14 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. —The salad cream looks like something I’d Like. I Haven’t seen that in America. But I looooooove all kinds of creams.
    I am also addicted to Talent Shows. Ooooh, the X Factor is coming to America next month…so one more obsesson for me!!
    ALso love Project Runway, American Idol, & So You Think You Can Dance 🙂

  2. OMG I can’t BELIEVE I forgot to put The X Factor. It’s about to start on Saturday and I’ll be driving my hubby mad watching every episode, as he rolls his eyes and says “Not this again!”

    1. I forgot that we have to say fries and not chips – don’t think it would be too good on the other kind of potato chips.

      Sometimes, we seem to have a really small world, and then I remember how many confusions there are with language.

  3. Schadenfreude–I also recently learned this was a real “thing” and actually just really like the word. However, I’m not sure how to say it, so I just read it and pronounce it in my head the way I see fit. I agree though. If someone is a total douche and kind of deserves it, I like to see karma bit them in the ass.

    As for salad cream, I’ve never tried it and don’t really like salad dressing. I use plain Greek yogurt instead and it works great 😉

    Stopped in from TRDC. Fun list.

  4. Fun list! I’m addicted to reality shows, I admit it. And yes, it’s a guilty pleasure. Sometimes when I just want to shut off my brain at the end of the day and unwind a bit, so my mind’s clear to go read before bed, reality tv is just what the exhausted brain orders! :> Stopping in from Write on Edge! :>

    1. Karen, we love the reality shows. Even just one episode of the X Factor on Saturday and we’re already both so into it. I agree that the great thing about it is it takes us over with pure entertainment that’s so light – no real thinking needed!

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