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Hiding (24 of 365)

We used to build hiding places like this all the time as children; we lived on the edge of town and had lots of fields and open areas within about five minutes’ walk.

The place we grew up in is now much more built up, and most of those fields have gone.

This hiding place was part of the series of sculptures at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  This is where my appreciation of art becomes a bit worn; I like art to present something to me that I wouldn’t think of myself (but then, on the other hand, it’s years since I’ve seen a den like this and I guess it did stir something of a few memories for me).

This is the last of my Sculpture Park pics, I think.  We have some time off now, and we’re having another outing tomorrow. I find myself planning things around trying to build my photo collection and expand on my picture-taking abilities.

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