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House at Thornton le Dale

For “Traditional” (129 of 365)

I’ve loved this house since I first saw it as a little girl. It’s in a little village in North Yorkshire, and it always seems to me to be the perfect English country cottage.

The village itself is lovely too, and a perfect way to spend a couple of hours just wandering.

This isn’t the most perfect of photographs; I’ve taken it from underneath a huge umbrella (which I accidentally poked someone with shortly afterwards). But I thought it would be great for the 365 Project “Traditional” theme.

4 thoughts on “House at Thornton le Dale

  1. It would be fun to see the interior of this. ..and the rest of this area. Love to watch all the British dramas on PBS and drool over the countryside and the ‘traditional” housing. I would hate to clean all those individual window panes though…that would be literally a PAIN!

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