8 thoughts on “Letter P (105 of 365)

  1. Looks like a very rural area so maybe finding a parking space won’t be a problem! I wonder what place is to be visited that requires a parking spot.

    1. It’s actually on the Northumberland coast, in a small village called Bamburgh which is a really lovely place and has it’s own castle. Plenty of walkers, kite-flyers, photographers and people just parking up for an ice-cream!

    1. lol – yes, I did managed to take a shot without anyone in it, but it was one of those where I had to wait a fair time before I could get it; lots of cars and people around that kept getting into my shot!

  2. Is the letter P for parking? Seems like an odd place to have some parking. It looks so rural.

    1. Yes, it is. It’s just at the side of the castle I put up on yesterday’s pic, so lots of people pull in there for a wander around the castle, beach and village.

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