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Making Music

Do you see the concentration on that little face?

The hands resting on the keys that, at first glance, look like the effortless hand-over-hand movement of a concert pianist?

The beginning of family lessons in music, because we’re from Yorkshire and there was no point throwing good money away on an actual teacher.

Learning mostly by ploughing through the Beatles Complete and the various works of Roger and Hammerstein while my friends were learning scales and theory and all the other dull bits.

Learning to play for people and for fun, instead of for accuracy and perfection.

Learning to entertain.

It’s a long time since I’ve played properly, but I often wonder whether I might return to it.

And on Thursday, because that’s the first day that we can play anything festive, I’ll put Sleigh Ride on the music stand and drive myself half-crazy trying to get the hang of the fancy pants hand-over-hand bit.


I wrote this post for this week’s RememberRED prompt over at Write on Edge. The prompt was “to take us into the moment your favorite photograph of yourself was taken, to show us who you were then and what the photograph means–in 300 words.” I guess I went a little way to achieving that.

9 thoughts on “Making Music

    1. i agree, this is such a cute image: I think music is so important to young kids.
      I was looking at photos over x-mas of myself as a child and you are right: i ts so crazy to see ourselves as such little creatures

  1. Oh, I love this picture! And I love that y’all played for entertainment… for fun… for yourselves. (I also love the wallpaper in the background of the picture!)

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