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Monday Mixtape – Birth Dates

I’ve not done much in the way of creativity this past week, but I’ve been keeping entertained with twitter and facebook. One of the things going around on facebook has been the meme about what was number one on the day we were born.

And now it turns out that Clara at I Want My Mummy has set that very topic for this week’s Monday Mixtape.

There’s a great website that finds the number one single and album for any given date during the past 60 years. Click here to access it.

The song that was number one on the day that I was born was Diana Ross singing “I’m Still Waiting”.

I think it’s a lovely song, but it’s not something that’s ever meant anything in particular to me. I can’t help feeling a bit disappointed that it’s not something a bit more interesting.

My sister’s was “Tiger Feet”, which is much more exciting, so I thought I’d include that as well (I love how the singer gets tangled up in his microphone flex at the start!).

What was number one on your birthday? Or on another special birthday or event? You might want to join in with the linky and share.


6 thoughts on “Monday Mixtape – Birth Dates

  1. It’s really interesting to look up all the dates isn’t it. I have to admit to being jealous of some of the number ones of families birthdays, they are all so much better than mine!

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