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Motion Blur (106 of 365)

This was my first attempt at a motion blur picture; a high speed train whizzing past us at a level crossing – this was back on the mainland just as we came over from Lindisfarne.

I’d intended this just as an experiment, but we both decided that we like it as it’s managed to retain the lines of the small top windows and the blur contrasts nicely with the barriers in the foreground.

0 thoughts on “Motion Blur (106 of 365)

    1. Thank you!

      I’m just looking at again and thinking it’s just like a big wonky smudge. But I think I’ll leave it up as a kind of homage to Modern Art!

  1. I too thought it to be modern art prior to reading your description. This is a good example of motion blur.
    Just loving the use of wonky!

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