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My Kind of Funky

Four days from the Cybher blogging conference, and it turns out that most people have their outfits all sorted out and hanging in the back bedroom ready for the big day.

I’ve never really been a clothes sort of person.  Not that I’m going to alarm anyone by turning up in my birthday suit, but it’s just that I dress more for comfort than style.  And I worry more about the practical things that I’ll need on the day.

But then, occasionally, I do find something that I really love. Like these shoes. I’ve had them for a few years, and worn them only a couple of times.  I think that’s maybe because I normally go to places with other people and a lot of people would refuse to go out with me in them.

But for Cybher, I’m travelling alone and it’s all about having fun and being a bit more me than I normally get the chance to be. So the blue shoes it is.

The rest of me will probably be in jeans, and something from last season at Ann Harvey.

Oh, and my mid-life-crisis burgundy can’t-believe-it’s-not-leather leather-look jacket.

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