Out and About


An hour or so ago, MrC decided that he was going to go out for a walk – quite a long walk, and I suspect he knew that his plan was too energetic for me to want to join him.  He’d resolved  to walk off a few excesses from yesterday, and he’s taken his camera with him.

One of the delights about my having started doing the 365 project is that MrC has reignited his own interest in photography and started taking pictures again after a break of something like two years.

And today, it has taken its turn in giving me peace for a few hours.  This isn’t something that I make time for much at all, and I’m so enjoying having some time to myself.  Even when I’m alone in the house I normally have either the television or radio as a companion.  Since I bought a laptop at the start of the year, I’m ordinarily downstairs and even if I don’t have something on the telly, MrC will be watching something.

But today, peace.  The back door is open and I can hear murmurs of things from the children a few doors down.  Occasionally, a car drives past at the front or I hear someone chatting as they walk past.  Tiny things that remind me that there’s still a world happening outside somewhere, but still plenty of space for my own thoughts.

It’s lovely to have some quiet time without needing to fill it with anything in particular.

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