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The Letter J (107 of 365)

I took this picture when we were on holiday in Northumberland; this is from our visit to Berwick.

I loved the really interesting old building.  I don’t know a great deal about architecture, but it’s easy to see that a lot of care and thought went into designing this – and that it would have been a stunning shop entrance at one time.

I tried to research it a little afterwards, and it seems that the missing letter is a J.

The shop was – I think – a hardware store, and prints in one of the windows show that the plan is to turn it into a Pizza Express.

(This photograph is part of my 365 Project.  You can read more about that here).

2 thoughts on “The Letter J (107 of 365)

  1. Oh, joy. Pizza Express. I hate gentrification like this. There is so much of it where I live that they coined a new term “gentriconfrontation” – when gentrifiers meet old-schoolers.

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