Joining Toastmasters

I went along as a guest of our local Toastmasters group this evening.  I’d been looking for a bit of something to do outside of work and decided that it sounded like this might be the thing.

I’ve also been attempting to get myself started on blogging again; for the past couple of months I’ve been catching up on old blogs that I used to read, following links to new ones and marvelling at the kinds of things that people find to write about. And not getting very much at all done by way of establishing my own blog.

Talking with people tonight at Toastmasters, it seems that I’m going to experience something similar in trying to come up with themes to speak about.  I’m pondering on how best to approach that, whilst at the same time marvelling at the people there tonight who managed the table topics with ease and were able to rise to the challenge of being able to speak on any given theme at a moment’s notice.

I’m really pleased to have been there, and definitely want to join up properly and get started on the programme.  It’s great to have the chance to develop something out of work that has a serious side to it as well as the social aspect.  It’s also given me a bit of impetus to start blogging again – getting my creative side back into gear on two counts will be really interesting.

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