12 thoughts on “Transportation – 8 of 366

    1. lol – Yes – Mike’s my partner, and we were there together on Saturday. The real start of his love-fest with the new camera…

      (It would have been much more exciting if two separate 366-ers had been there on the same day by coincidence!).

    1. I really enjoy train travel – just ordinary train journeys for a couple of hours are a real treat for me. I’d love to have a proper train holiday one day – one for the bucket list, I think!

  1. Who would not be enchanted by this splendid locomotive! Reminds me of my childhood, when we admired the steam giants.

  2. Would love to take a trip in a vintage train car with all the amenities and through some great scenery. This big bruiser looks like it had plenty of power and your photo accentuates its powerful qualities.

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