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Weekly Photo Challenge : Numbers

For the Word Press Daily Post Photo Challenge

Taking part in the photo blogging project brings me little moments of delight and genius in places that I least expect to find them.  I keep a copy of my 365 list in my bag, and usually plan a few that I can expect to take during the course of a day out.  But it’s the ones that are unplanned that I most enjoy taking.

Some of our 365 project themes are based on numbers.  So this surprise find – a totally unexpected pair of dice on the beach at Bamburgh, Northumberland, had me skipping along the sand to take a few pictures.  This one was intended to fit my “Eight” theme on the 365 but I couldn’t resist using it to fit the Weekly Photo Challenge instead.

Worry not, 365-ers, I did take another one from a different angle and that will be coming up Sunday / Monday.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Numbers

    1. Thank you so much. I had some help composing this – I’m learning that taking pictures at face level isn’t always the most creative thing to do.

    1. Thank you. I’m really enjoying the 365. I see that you’re doing a photo challenge too. They’re such a great idea for helping to come up with postings.

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