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Wet (102 of 365)

Our journey across to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne was via the causeway, which is flooded by the sea for part of each day.  We went across just as it was clearing and becoming safe to pass over.  As I think the photograph shows, there was still a fair bit of water on the causeway.

MrC had his window open and got a good soaking of spray from cars coming the opposite way!

0 thoughts on “Wet (102 of 365)

    1. Oh yes! I’d so love to say that was intentionally composed, but this one was really just a case of holding the camera outside the car and seeing what it came up with!

  1. Interesting…I remember reading novels with situations such as this with the causeway which becomes flooded on schedule daily. Found it fascinating!

    1. There were warning pictures around of cars having to be winched out of the sea having taken a risk and gone over when the water was really coming over. I get a bit scared thinking about that; it must be awful to be stuck there with the water coming up around the car.

      Would make for a very gripping aspect to a story!

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